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Rules and Regulations:

Well, I'm not going to make insane amounts of rules, because they annoy me greatly. I just have a few guidelines

Don't start fighting over crap on here like "OMG, Vanille and Fang are not a couple." or "Lightning shouldn't be with Hope." Or some thing like that. Alright? We clear on that? You can have discussions, yes, but at least have valid points, not like flaming. Mkay?

Okay. Next, I really don't care how much you guys submit, I say the more the merrier! But please try to put them in the right folder guys.

No things from other games, please? No Kingdom Hearts unless it has the Final Fantasy characters.

Alright, I think that's good for now, so enjoy!

Emily, Co-Founder and Administrator

Random Quotes

~ Lightning Return

Lightning (narrator): The time of crystals and gods is over, vanished into a past that no longer is. Humankind will be born afresh. Ours is a new future, bright with promise. Sometimes shadows will darken our path, we shall tremble in fear before the night. But we won't be alone. We will reach out out our hands...and in the warmth of another hand holding our own, we feel hope. We will survive, and prosper. The crystal age is just a legend, from before the world was born. And it ended when you were born.


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Come join the club.Final Fantasy is a media franchise created by Hironobu Sakaguchi, and is developed and owned by Square Enix. All Square-Enix news and Other Games.

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1,614 Members
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Meet my wonderful team. Love Ya Guys been with me since day one. :glomp:


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We take anyone to affiliate with us. :happybounce:


Part II:

Aoede meets Snow who is riding his motorcycle around the countryside, and he tells her of the events from the moment Chaos entered the world. Although people had stopped aging they were unable to bear children and thus mankind faced extinction and became despaired. Snow and his friends battled monsters after people decided to leave the deteriorating manmade Cocoon. A fal'Cie Pandaemonium cultivated the lands for human habitation as per God Bhunivelze's plan, and Snow protected the supply plant the fal'Cie had set up in Yusnaan from being taken over by the Order of Salvation after they gained ground as the de facto world rulers ever since Hope was kidnapped by Bhunivelze. When he tries to find words for Serah's death he falters, and when Aoede incorrectly assumes that Lightning erased their memories as per God Bhunivelze's plan, Snow corrects her, saying Lightning fought God to save their memories. When asked for Lightning's whereabouts, Snow doesn't think Aoede is ready to meet her, but assures she will have her answers and arranges a meeting with Noel.

Traveling to a town in the subtropics, Aoede finds and interviews Noel and Yeul of their experiences. Noel tells he succumbed to despair over culpability for the world being infected by Chaos, and how his relationship with Snow degenerated when the latter was appointed Yusnaan's "patron" at the behest by the Order of Salvation. Yeul explains her past existence as a conflicting freefloating desire that bound Caius's soul. After the interview, Aoede accompanies them to the local market and speculates they choose to live among the hubbub as they had each lived an age of loneliness. After they have lunch, Noel writes down where to find Fang and Vanille in Aoede's notebook.

Aoede interviews Fang and Vanille near their new home close to a hamlet and scattered ruins in an arid region with cattle ranches and rocky wilderness. Though initially given a cold welcome by Fang, the two explain they saved Cocoon and turned to crystal, but Hope had them salvaged from Cocoon's crystal pillar before it shattered and had their crystal safeguarded as the pair slept for over 500 years until awakening 13 years before the end of the world. Seeing how the people had suffered Vanille wanted to help and became the Order's Saint unaware she was being used for a ceremony that would erase the souls of the dead, never to be reborn. Vanille explains Lightning thwarted the God's plan and saved everyone. Aoede is thrilled hearing Lightning mentioned, and wishes to thank her in person. Fang and Vanille do not offer help on finding her, but assure Aoede that Lightning's wish for the world will have come true if everyone is content with living in the new world.

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Hello, does anyone have a problem with the cloud costume?, after i activate it i can't see the costume /shield /sword, please help
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